The Work We Do

We support businesses to OPTIMISE CAPITAL and GROW VALUE by enabling them to:

Manage and Restructure Capital

We support businesses to optimize how they fund their operations (i.e. limit financial risk and maximize investment returns) by restructuring their capital – either by reorganizing existing capital or raising new investment.

Our services include:

  • Conducting independent professional reviews of their financial position and business viability;
  • Investigating if capital restructuring is necessary and how it can help the business;
  • Creating real options for restructuring and optimizing capital;
  • Facilitating capital raising; and
  • Evaluating what investments the business should be prioritizing.

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Become Investment Ready

Ukwanda’s Investment Readiness services are aimed at preparing businesses to attract capital by.  

  • Developing your business case from a common funding application into an attractive investment offer that will appeal to investors and financiers.
  • Preparing a compelling information memorandum and investment proposal.
  • Developing complete financial models with all the necessary analyses that investors want to see.
  • Exploring the many available financing options beyond the obvious.  We have studied various financing options available to businesses beyond traditional financing.
  • Refining and polishing your business and investment pitch.
  • Developing a clear workable funding and capital raising strategies for your business.
  • Shortlisting appropriate target investors and making the capital raising process efficient.
  • Matching your business with specific investors that are suitable for your needs.
  • Making you familiar with investor criteria.
  • Preparing you for a life with an external investor on board.

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Raise Investment Capital

We facilitate raising investment capital by offering the following services:

  • Preparing information memorandum and funding proposals;
  • Identifying and approaching the appropriate funding partner;
  • Engaging the potential funders in their investigation of the business and the deal;
  • Negotiation of the right terms of financing and closing the deal; and
  • Post transaction investor management.

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Develop Options for Growth

Ukwanda creates value for business growth in the following ways:

Project Development

  • Partnering with the management team in developing growth and investment projects.
  • Enabling management team to continue running their business.
  • Complementing the management team by providing capacity in functions including:
    • Market Research (Secondary)
    • Investment Analysis & Capital Budgeting)
    • Business Growth Strategy
    • Financial Modelling
    • Business Planning Process & Documentation

Our primary aim is to enable the business to create and implement growth projects that offer best investment returns with limited risk.

Facilitate Business Support and Finance

  • Facilitate, where applicable, external business support and financing for growth.
  • We are the publishers of the ‘South African Business Funding Directory’ and have access to many institutional funding organisations in South Africa.

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