Raising Capital

Ukwanda Growth Partners support businesses to optimise how they fund their businesses and to raise appropriate capital. 

The Challenge of Raising Capital

Every business needs capital and most businesses need to raise external capital to operate optimally. 

The challenge is that for some businesses raising capital is just hard especially small and medium sized enterprises. – Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Raising capital can cost a lot of time, resources and effort.
  • Much valuable management time is often invested in the capital raising process to the neglect of business operations.
  • Fund raising requires some degree of ‘corporate finance’ intelligence that is just not a strong competence in many businesses.
  • Funders do not have the capacity to hand hold businesses through the fund raising process and end up rejecting potentially good funding opportunities because of some fixable deficiencies.

In addition, according to the Finfind Survey – Inaugural South African SMME Access to Finance Report – lack of knowledge needed for raising funding and lack of finance readiness are among the main reasons SMEs fail to raise capital.

There are businesses that have the capability to successfully raise capital, some however do need support.  Without employing full-time finance and business professionals like CAs, CFAs and MBAs; and with limited human resources to dedicate to the process – some support helps.

How Ukwanda Growth Partners Supports Businesses to Raise Capital

Ukwanda Growth Partners support businesses to optimise how they fund their businesses including assisting them to raise capital. 

Traditional Funding Sources

We enable businesses to access appropriate funding efficiently and utilise our large database of funding institutions to raise funding that will realise business goals and growth plans.

We provide assistance in

  • Preparing information memoranda and funding proposals;
  • Identifying and approaching the appropriate funding partners.
  • Engaging the potential funders in their investigation of the business and the deal.
  • Negotiation of the right terms of financing and closing the deal.
  • Post transaction funder / investor management.

We seek to relieve managers from as much of the capital raising process activities as possible, leaving them to spend valuable time in running and growing their businesses.  Moreover, we offer our expertise and experience to provide advice on critical determinants of capital raising success.

We have a large database of funding sources and understand the funder requirements.  This enables us to match funding requirements with appropriate funding sources thereby improving the chances of success.  We keep ourselves informed about funding that is available for businesses in South Africa.

Engaging funding organisations goes beyond submitting business plans and completing application forms, you need to engage the right funder, at the right level, in an appropriate manner.  You need to be prepared for their funding process and to speak their finance language.

We assist business to:

  1. Gain Access to Financiers – Using our extensive Database and Networks.
  2. Engage Funding Organisations in an appropriate way. – Giving them the right Pitch; Speaking Their Financing Language; and Giving them all the Information They Need.
  3. Prepare Complete Funding Applications and Information Packs.
  4. Establish a negotiation strategy based on you company risk profile.
  5. Know what a good deal looks like for your business.
  6. Prepare for a due diligence process.
  7. Conclude a deal that is good for your business.

With Ukwanda Growth Partners you are able to walk through the capital raising process with a Trusted Partner.

Alternative Funding Sources

We do not only limit fund raising to external capital but also help explore alternative sources such as trading partnerships and bootstrapping strategies.

We help businesses to:

  • Develop funding strategies and make capital structure choices that are suitable for the business & what needs to be funded.
  • Understand specific funding alternatives. – What is available in South Africa, in the Province, specific industry, and how it can work for them.
  • Explore Self-funding strategies they can use without having to go out to raise external capital.

Our Business Funding Directories

Ukwanda Growth Partners authored and published the following g Business Funding Directories:

South African Business Funding Directory 2014|2015 – Profiling 49 funding organisations and 145 funding products.

South African Business Funding Directory 2016|2017 – Profiling 129 funding organisations and almost 330 funding products.

The funding directories attracted wide interest from entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Some organisations even requested to make the directory available on their websites including:

  • Sable Accelerator Network,
  • Green Cape,
  • Kruger Lowveld Chamber of Business and Tourism, and
  • Middelburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry

We Would Love to Explore if we can be of Value to Your Business

If you need to raise funding for your business we would love to explore options with you. The more we are able to do this the better the chances are that you will end up with a funding solution that will earn you better returns.

Contact us at 

info@ukwanda.co.za or 

083 556 0542 / 012 003 3294