Local Economic Development

Our LED support services focus on

  • LED Consulting and Advisory and
  • Community Economic Development Support

LED Consulting and Advisory

Ukwanda supports Economic Development at local level by supporting economic development projects.

We support Local Municipalities and Development Organisations to effectively implement LED projects.  We provide the following services:

  • Conducting Detailed Feasibility Studies;
  • Conducting Comprehensive and Detailed Market Research Studies;
  • Formulating Bankable Business Plans;
  • Facilitating Raising Investment Capital;
  • Optimising Business and Project Finance;
  • Providing Transaction Support activities such as Business Acquisitions, Valuations, Due Diligence etc. and
  • Developing and Implementing Enterprise Development Programmes.

Community Economic Development

We support local communities in the Development and Implementation of Economic Development in their communities leading to creation of sustainable employment opportunities.  We specifically support communities in mining areas to make the best of Social and Labour Plans (SLP) that are implemented by mining companies. 

We assist local communities in mining areas to achieve the following:

  • Create awareness of the Social and Labour plan system in their local areas.
  • Understand mining company commitments in regard to their social and labour plans.
  • Effectively participate in the formulation of SLPs and making input that will best serve their community.
  • Critically analyse an SLP to identify and support elements that are most beneficial to the community.
  • Effectively monitor whether the mining company is complying with its commitments.
  • Engaging the mining companies, local municipality and Department of Minerals and Energy to get the best for the community from the SLP projects.
  • Participating in the management of SLP project and Community Trusts.
  • Organising communities to leverage on the power of collective action. 
  • Ensure the presence of the community voice throughout the life-cycle of the SLP.