Enterprise Development

Our Enterprise Development services focus on

  1. Business Finance Advisory & Capital Raising and
  2. Enterprise and Supplier Development.

Business Finance Advisory and Capital Raising

Ukwanda Growth Partners (Ukwanda) supports Business Growth and Maximising of Shareholder Value by helping businesses to optimise how they finance their businesses.

We believe that

Business Finance is THE No. 1 THING in Business

and here is Why

  1. Businesses fail for ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY.They run out of funding!! – and;
  2. Business Success is measured by ONLY ONE METRIC Return on Invested Capital

What this means is that

Every Business Decision is a Decision about Business Finance.

Our Services

We enable businesses to:

  • Manage and Restructure Capital
  • Become Investment Ready
  • Raise Investment Capital

1. Manage and Restructure Capital

We support businesses to optimize how they fund their operations (i.e. limit financial risk and maximize investment returns) by restructuring their capital – either by reorganizing existing capital or raising new investment.

Our services include:

  • Conducting independent professional reviews of their financial position and business viability;
  • Investigating if capital restructuring is necessary and how it can help the business;
  • Creating real options for restructuring and optimising capital;
  • Facilitating capital raising; and
  • Evaluating what investments the business should be prioritising.

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2. Become Investment Ready

Ukwanda’s Investment Readiness services are aimed at preparing businesses to attract capital by. 

  • Developing your business case from a common funding application into an attractive investment offer that will appeal to investors and financiers.
  • Preparing a compelling information memorandum and investment proposal.
  • Developing complete financial models with all the necessary analyses that investors want to see.
  • Exploring the many available financing options beyond the obvious.  We have studied various financing options available to businesses beyond traditional financing.
  • Refining and polishing your business and investment pitch.
  • Developing a clear workable funding and capital raising strategies for your business.
  • Shortlisting appropriate target investors and making the capital raising process efficient.
  • Matching your business with specific investors that are suitable for your needs.
  • Making you familiar with investor criteria.
  • Preparing you for a life with an external investor on board.

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3. Raise Investment Capital

We facilitate raising investment capital by offering the following services:

  • Preparing information memoranda and funding proposals;
  • Identifying and approaching the appropriate funding partner;
  • Engaging the potential funders in their investigation of the business and the deal;
  • Negotiation of the right terms of financing and closing the deal; and
  • Post transaction funder / investor management.

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Our Focus is on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Large Corporations generally rely on Investment Banks and Corporate Finance Advisory firms for assistance with the corporate finance activities aimed at financing and increasing shareholder value.  They therefore have access to high end skills such as market research, financial analysis, financial modelling, business valuations, capital structuring, risk management etc.

Unfortunately, such services are hardly available for small and medium sized businesses.  This leaves many of them to ‘fend for themselves’ when it comes to the often time consuming, non-core, infrequently needed corporate finance activities.

Ukwanda Growth Partners fills this gap by focusing on the needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)

We partner with organisations that focus on long term financing and investments including:

  • SME Finance Organisations,
  • Investment Management Firms and
  • Enterprise & Supplier Development initiatives,

and enable them to

  • Enhance financing & investment deal flow,
  • Enhance deal closing success,
  • Enhance their capacity to conclude deals and
  • Enhance the Ability to Add Value to Investee Companies.

We do this in the following ways.

  1. Enhancing Deal Flow

We utilise our networks and targeted marketing efforts to generate focused deal flow.  In addition to harvesting our existing database we make use of targeted low budget and innovative campaigns to generate focused deal flow that is relevant to our clients.

  1. Enhancing Deal Closing Success

Ukwanda supports funding applicants that have good potential but are not quite investment ready.  We support such businesses to get them to a level where they can have meaningful investment discussions with investors.  We focus on assisting businesses to refine their business strategy, business models and financial models.  In this way businesses that would have been declined for support get a chance.

  1. Enhancing Capacity to Implement Deals

The amount of ESD Deal flow is often inconsistent.  There are times when there are too few deals to consider and there are times when there are more deals than the team has capacity. Ukwanda provide its clients with additional execution capacity to evaluate and conclude deals.  We have expertise and extensive experience in Pre-screening, Business Analysis, Investment Analysis, Financial Modelling, Business Valuations and Due Diligence.

  1. Enhancing the Ability to Add Value to Investee Companies

Because portfolio companies can range from ‘perfectly healthy’ to ‘intensive care’ performance, some investee companies need specific focused attention.  It is however not always possible to dedicate the required time to attend to a specific company given the demand on portfolio managers. This is where Ukwanda can add value and provide capacity.  We have specific expertise and consulting experience in workouts and restructuring of distressed businesses.