About Us

Ukwanda Growth Partners (Ukwanda) supports Business Growth and Maximising of Shareholder Value by helping businesses to optimise how they finance their businesses.

We believe that

Business Finance is THE No. 1 THING in Business

and here is Why

  1. Businesses fail for ONE REASON AND ONE REASON ONLY.They run out of funding!! – and;
  2. Business Success is measured by ONLY ONE METRIC Return on Invested Capital

What this means is that

Every Business Decision is a Decision about Business Finance.

Our Services

We provide the following services

Capital Management and RestructuringLearn more

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Business Growth DevelopmentLearn More

Our Focus is on Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Large Corporations generally rely on Investment Banks and Corporate Finance Advisory firms for assistance with the corporate finance activities aimed at financing and increasing shareholder value.  They therefore have access to high end skills such as market research, financial analysis, financial modelling, business valuations, capital structuring, risk management etc.

Unfortunately, such services are hardly available for small and medium sized businesses.  This leaves many of them to ‘fend for themselves’ when it comes to the often time consuming, non-core, infrequently needed corporate finance activities.

Ukwanda Growth Partners fills this gap by focusing on the needs of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

Meet The Founder – Lindo Sibisi

Lindo Sibisi

Lindo Sibisi is a multi-skilled Business Executive with a passion for South Africa’s (and the Continent’s) economic development. His professional purpose is to facilitate economic development through the establishment and growth of globally competitive South African businesses.  This passion and purpose is evident Lindo’s professional and educational history.

For over 25 years, Lindo has operated at senior levels in various business industries and functions.  He demonstrated leadership in industries that include Private Equity & Venture Capital, Investment Banking, Business Restructuring & Turnaround Management, Business Consulting and Civil Engineering Project Management, in South Africa as well as other parts of Sub Sahara Africa.

Lindo has played a leading consulting role to senior business executives and his strong business and financial analysis skills have enabled senior executives to manage complex and important decisions in economic development, private equity investments, business growth and business restructuring.  In his capacity as a Private Equity practitioner he added value to various investee companies at management board level.

Passion for Economic Growth

Lindo has a deep passion for South Africa and the African Continent’s Economic development through Business Growth and Entrepreneurship.  Central to the pursuit for economic growth is the development of globally competitive business enterprises. This passion inspired Lindo to establish Ukwanda Growth Partners (“Ukwanda”) and is currently the Managing Partner.


  • BSc Eng. Civil (University of KwaZulu-Natal),
  • Graduate Dip. Water Engineering (UNESCO IHE – Delft, Netherlands),
  • MBA (Nyenrode University – Bruekelen, Netherlands),
  • Graduate Diploma in Insolvency Law and Practice (University of Johannesburg)

Lindo also has diverse educational qualifications that span Engineering, Business and Law, from reputable education institutions in South Africa and Europe.  His technical, business and legal training allows him to speedily get to grips with the fundamentals of many businesses.  This quality has enabled him to be successful in consulting roles that demand thorough understanding of business issues in organisations within a short period of time.